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SCP Containment BreachIt’s Halloween, and that means it’s time for spooky, creepy and scary horror games! But let’s say you’re low on cash, and you can’t afford those posh horror games that cost real money. Well, we have just the list for you. Throughout October, we’ve been doing a little thing called Spooky Statik, in which we post a free horror game ever day. Maybe you played along with us.

Doesn’t matter if you did or not, because now we’ve compiled that list of 30 free horror games and shoved another 20 on top of that as well. Thus, we have a list of 50 free indie horror games that you can play right now without paying a penny. Appropriate, considering it’s Halloween!

There are plenty more where these came from, too. So if none of these take your fancy, just do a quick search around the internet, and you’re bound to find plenty more decent free indie horror games. We hope this list saves you some of the effort, though. If you play just one of these or do a marathon of them all and record it, please let us know, won’t you? We love watching you scream in fright and squirm into the uncomfortable depths of horror games.

The White Chamber“Created by Mike Inel a few years ago now, Which is a short, first-person game in which you appear inside a small, silent house and scramble around the cupboards and drawers to find a way out. Searching thoroughly leads you to find a door with a heartbeat behind it, and another with the shape of a head painted on it. There are also three numbered doors and another marked exit. Your vision is distorted and makes it uncomfortable to move around as you can’t get your proper focus. Are you dreaming, or is something wrong with you?”

“You play test subject D-9341, who is in the unfortunate position of being put into a room with SCP-173, aka The Sculpture, which is “a statue constructed with concrete and rebar, with a spray-painted face.” A statue? That’s nothing; what’s scary about a statue? Err, if you don’t look give it direct contact, it snaps your neck immediately. Pretty nasty. In the game, this means that if you see SCP-173, you DO NOT take your eyes off it; otherwise, you’ll wind up dead rather quickly.”

Cry of Fear“Your goal is to collect as many disks as possible (as opposed to pages), and you’re frantically running around corridors and more expanse rooms searching for them, while something chases after you in a rather demonic manner. Sounds familiar, yes, but at least Lasting manages to uphold its own atmosphere, which does manage to slowly tighten around your chest the more you play. Panic will become you.”

“Things start off with your awakening inside a coffin and getting yourself out. You play a woman called Sarah, who doesn’t know where she is, nor how she got inside the coffin. Fiddling around with a nearby control panel, the shutters on the room’s walls reveal that she’s inside a space station. With no other choice, she heads out into the guts of the station to find out if anyone is around in the hopes that they can explain what’s going on.”

“Cry of Fear has been accepted as one of the classic free indie horror games and manages to be scary, despite giving you a gun, where most horror games that do just don’t manage it. You’ll be attacked psychologically and physically, and your emotions will be sent racing all over the place. “

“Ascension is much more tense than The Poltergeist, though, despite the comparison. In fact, it’s one of the most breath-heavy tense side-scrolling games I’ve ever played. The narrative framing comes in at the start, with your leaving your daughter behind to go to work, but not long after that, the lights go out, blood is splattered across the walls, and people go missing. Left in the dark, you worry about your own safety, but more for your daughter’s.”

Mad Father Which Lasting Ascension

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Good games for older machine

by qwertyguy

I have a dell optiplex, 800mhz, 256mb for a child. I want to set it up as a simple games machine. and other flash games tned to run real slow. I put win2k on it and am looking for simple flash games or other freeware games for an 11yr old boy.
I even installed puppy linux, but the flash is still slow.

CL is becoming an illegal bootleg paradise!

by toobored438

What do I see in CL toys & games?
Modded Xbox 360s with either burned DVds or the HDD loaded with games.
Modded Wii consoles
Services to mod a 360 or Wii
Flash carts for the Nintendo DS, preloaded with games.
People selling emulator and ROM CD-Rs.
Offers to install freeware emulators at high prices.
And when you actually try to sell legit copeis of games or unmodded systems? These people yell at you for cutting into their piracy business!
Funny that there's this "big deal" about erotic services when T&G is crammed with 10X the illegal content.

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