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Helium BoyBertil Hörberg

Helium Boy is a surprisingly slick but extremely short homebrew game in which a boy uses balloons to float through his environment collecting floating stars. There’s only one level, so even if it takes you a few tries to make it to the end you’ll still be finished in less than an hour even if you try to collect every star (although I admit I could only find 29 out of 30). But this is still one of the most professional-looking homebrew games for the Wii, and one can only hope the designer decides to create some more levels.


Just your basic MahJong game, but a notably slick one with nice graphics, the ability to get a hint or shuffle tiles if you’re stuck and a very pretty song that unfortunately wears out its welcome pretty quickly. There are games that cost money that are inferior to this nice little homebrew title.


PortiiValve’s puzzle 3D game Portal has inspired a number of 2D knock-offs like Portal: The Flash Game. Two such games exist as Wii homebrew games, Portii and StillAliveWii, which I discuss below. Portii is a fun, tricky game in which you use a gun that creates portals that take you from one part of a level to another. While it uses the central portals concept of the original, Portii has a different approach to level design, making players gather slices of cake and requiring quick reflexes to create portals to keep the avatar from falling through space to its death.Beneath a Steel Sky It’s interesting to see someone put their own spin on a familiar game mechanic.

Revolution Software

The SCUMMVM engine allows you to play point-and-click LucasArts adventure games on a variety of platforms. Installing SCUMVM on a homebrewed Wii will let you play any of the old LucasArts games (or other games that use that engine) such as Day of the Tentacle or Loom, but you need to own the original disks to play them.StillAliveWii The exceptions are a handful of adventure games that have been re-released as freeware, the most notable of which is Beneath a Steel Sky, a minor classic from the folks who went on to create the Broken Sword series. Originally designed as a PC game, Sky works beautifully on the point-and-click-friendly Wii.


Unlike Portii (see above), StillAliveWii’s level design feels very similar to that of Portal, with the same basic traverse-an-impassable room puzzle style. A port of a DS homebrew game, StillAliveWii expands slowly beyond portals to switches, moveable barrels and turret guns. The game is probably my favorite of all the Portal clones I’ve played, but if you like one you should play them all. You can even play the internet flash game on your Wii if you have an internet connection, the internet channel and a connected keyboard. (You don’t even need the homebrew channel.)

Uffe Flarup

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Wii online answers


The Wii does have a browser you can download for $5 from their online shopping channel. Once you download the browser any updates are free.
You can browse almost all sites, but the browswer only has Flash version 7 and no other video players so you may not be able to watch all videos on the net. Though youtube does work fine.
USB keyboard support is available, but you might have to update the console first, which it will prompt you to do when you connect it to a wireless connection.
There are no IM programs, but you can send messages to friends through nintendo's own mail program built into the console


by anubis_4_99

Yes i jtag, and yes i flash as well, all depends on what the customer wants.
and believe me a software mod isnt as simple as you make it out to be, or i wouldnt have so many people bring me there messed up systems after they got the bright idea that they could do it themselves.
price breakdown of dual layer dvds is more like $2.50 per game, and thats only if it burns correctly the first time.
wii games are significantly cheaper because you can merely use dvd-r's which are pennies on the dollar almost, or free for a usb loader

How To Replace Your Lost Game Cases/Covers

by ravenze

Written by EDFACTOR
Thursday, 18 January 2007
If you're anything like me, you're a big baby when it comes to having an organized DVD/Video Game rack alphabetized and sorted by console. It can be extremely annoying to have a game bundled with a console (Such as Wii Sports or NFSMW) that comes in a pathetic sleeve; making your once-lovely game rack an eyesore. Buying used games can also lead to this inconvenient encounter.
Well, our friends at cdcovers.cc have got us all "covered" (hee-hee.) They have a huge library of game case covers that span from the Nintendo DS to the Xbox 360 in the form of hi-res printable jpgs

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