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Funny Thanksgiving flash games

Shop till you drop
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  • Shop till you drop

Try to catch the falling food in your shopping cart. But only catch whats on your list, nothing more, nothing less!

  • Catch A Crab 1

Do you like crabs? Why dont you try to grab them fresh from their breeding grounds with your net. Good luck with your catching skills and have fun!

  • Leas fast food restaurant

To help me out in this restaurant game, just like in other waitress games like this one, you need to reach the target each day, before my time runs out. You have to seat customers, take their orders, bring them their food and clear their plates away, and you have to do everything quickly so that they don't get impatient. Good luck with my new game !

  • Delicious Turkey Sandwich

Catch A Crab 1Do you enjoy eating turkey sandwiches; and, do you wish to prepare a delicious turkey sandwich on your own? If your answer is yes then, we have a food decoration game for you which will create a virtual cooking environment for you where you can build your Turkey Sandwich using all the necessary ingredients. Have a good time!

  • Catch Meatball Skewers

Catch the falling meatballs to score points and try to skewer as many as possible. You have a limited number of poles to throw so choose wisely and try to catch the meatballs

  • Island Fishing

Leas fast food restaurantFish while stuck on an island. Catch the food needed to survive. Miss too many times and you die.

  • Garfield Food Frenzy

Help Garfield catch all the falling foods!

  • Princess Fashion Catch

This is a fun skill game for girls. Our royal princesses are playing the see-saw. They can catch many fashion items like shoes, tiaras and purses while flying in the air. But watch out the bugs and evils! Enjoy this fashion catch with five princesses!

  • Food Revolution

Delicious Turkey SandwichGizmo is a cute little dinosaur. Whenever he gets hungry he requests his mom to get the food he wants to eat and her mom would fulfill his request instantly. Today her mom has gone to the forest to meet her friends which means she will be come home late. Gizmo is a very lazy dinosaur and he usually doesn't go out to hunt his food. Since he is very hungry today, he has to go out and collect his own food. The road on which he has to walk to collect the food is not an easy road. It is filled with load of obstacles and enemies. Let's help this dinosaur to gather the food he wants to eat.

  • Catch A Toy

The objective of the game is simple: set the catcher at the right place to catch your favorite toy at the bottom.

  • HK Cafe

Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done and being drag out, it has to be thrown to the rubbish bin and cooked again. $5 will be deducted for wastage. Once food is dragged on the platebowl, you can not move them no more. I

Catch Meatball Skewers Island Fishing Garfield Food Frenzy Princess Fashion Catch

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The Wii does have a browser you can download for $5 from their online shopping channel. Once you download the browser any updates are free.
You can browse almost all sites, but the browswer only has Flash version 7 and no other video players so you may not be able to watch all videos on the net. Though youtube does work fine.
USB keyboard support is available, but you might have to update the console first, which it will prompt you to do when you connect it to a wireless connection.
There are no IM programs, but you can send messages to friends through nintendo's own mail program built into the console


by anubis_4_99

Yes i jtag, and yes i flash as well, all depends on what the customer wants.
and believe me a software mod isnt as simple as you make it out to be, or i wouldnt have so many people bring me there messed up systems after they got the bright idea that they could do it themselves.
price breakdown of dual layer dvds is more like $2.50 per game, and thats only if it burns correctly the first time.
wii games are significantly cheaper because you can merely use dvd-r's which are pennies on the dollar almost, or free for a usb loader

How To Replace Your Lost Game Cases/Covers

by ravenze

Written by EDFACTOR
Thursday, 18 January 2007
If you're anything like me, you're a big baby when it comes to having an organized DVD/Video Game rack alphabetized and sorted by console. It can be extremely annoying to have a game bundled with a console (Such as Wii Sports or NFSMW) that comes in a pathetic sleeve; making your once-lovely game rack an eyesore. Buying used games can also lead to this inconvenient encounter.
Well, our friends at have got us all "covered" (hee-hee.) They have a huge library of game case covers that span from the Nintendo DS to the Xbox 360 in the form of hi-res printable jpgs

Funko Batman: Totally CAPE-ABLE - Funko Wisecracks Bobble-Head Figure
Toy (Funko)
  • Wacky Wisecracks is a crossover bobble head figure series by Funko and other famous franchises such as Disney, Pixar, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Simpsons...
  • This line of bobble head figures are meant to be funny, and offer you the opportunity to say what you want without uttering a word!
  • The inscription on each figure s base either says a sardonic remark or some silly words
  • Perfect collectible items for DC Universe, Batman, Superman, Justice League fans.
  • For age 5+

Pupil's BAFTA bid pride  — Blackpool Gazette
James's 'Soot and Smog' game sees the player roam around Victorian London aiming to raise funds to help their sick sister by completing various challenges, while different facts about that era of history flash up on the screen.

Adobe Flash Player 12 Is All Set to Provide Hassle Free Internet Browsing ..  — The Fuse Joplin
Another key feature that makes installing this flash player the preferred choice of millions of people all over the world is that it is available for free. Adobe Flash Player 12 is ..

Melody Party Favors Green - Fancy flash light emitting glitter butterfly LED glasses parties necessary by Melody
Toy (Melody Party Favors)
  • Very Powerful and Bright
  • It s a Toy - Not Really for The Sun
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Not Suitable for Children Under 5 Years of Age
  • Material: Plastic.

NRL to act on “illegal” betting  — Fox Sports
Following a two-month investigation, the NRL's Integrity Unit is close to determining their findings after auditing the betting records of registered players and officials from the NRL, NSW Cup and under-20s Holden Cup competition.