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assasasasasSimple Question, how do I embed a flash object of any kind ? like SWF.

Before You start. Make sure you have the source code of the game.

How to embed a Flash Game Into WordPress

Navigate To Your WordPress Page

Add New Page

PASTE this code within the Text(html) editor

Replace YOURFILENAMEHERE.swf with your own

This is a simple and convenience way to install a Flash Game Within Your WordPress Site.

A Next Way To Embed A Flash Game Into WordPress

Kimili Flash Embed is a Free Plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily embed a flash game into wordpress and also movies.Any SWF supported files.

Provides a WordPress interface for SWFObject 2, the best way to embed Flash content on any site.

Another Way To Embed a Flash Game Into WordPress

Before You proceed it’s important to have the easy flash embed Plugin installed before you can embed the flash game

download it

SWF stands For ShockWave Flash. Every Flash object has a URL that interacts with the source.This A One of the popular ways people embed flash Game Into WordPress:

Find a very nice free Flash Game Online

Copy as what is done in the picture .Highlight The Flash Object game from top to bottom, then press copy.

To Put the Source codes from the game within your wordpress blog.

Add New Page and paste the code within the visual editor.

Select Text Editor Beside Visual

Press CTRL+F. and Search for the “SWF”

Delete Everything Except the SWF url

Add ” [swf src=" before the url and "]” at the end

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Hi Monahlissa

by blueworm

Hi Monahlissa,
I'm open to anything Flash related, even pure coding (ActionScripting). However, I've spent the last two years working on small educational games and improvements on my web page.
Perhaps web shorts, interactive tutorials, something in eLearning, eye candy. Whatever, my current skills could get me at this time really.
Hope that isn't too vague...

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