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Challenges in designing Mucho Party (a local multiplayer party game for touch screens)

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The entire GlobZ team has been working together for more than 10 years, becoming works-for-hire for web/mobile games in order to finance our own productions. In the past, GlobZ got some recognition as an IGF finalist in 2008 and Milthon prize winner in 2009 for Globulos, released first on the web in 2003 and later on the Nintendo DSiWare in 2010, including in Japan, where the game was sold best. In 2011, we also published an iOS version. Since then, we released the arcade puzzler Twinspin on iOS and Android in 2012, but despite all the good player reviews, the game did not sell well at all. The question arose: what game are we to make next!? The answer to that question turned out to be a touch party game called Mucho Party, to be enjoyed by several players on a single touch screen. Local multiplayer!

A Party Game: A Perfect Fit For a Work-For-Hire Studio

GlobZ is a very small studio, but the team members all have strong personalities and somewhat different tastes. And even if I am the “final boss”, I like it when decisions are collective and we reach a consensus. I like to say that we are two developers, two graphic designers, and four game designers!

So when thinking of a game, we thought about the games we like to play together. Bishi Bashi was in the top list. Thinking about it, we liked the idea of doing a touch party game with the spirit of that great Playstation game! Everything seemed a perfect match:

- Minigames were ideal for a possibly sliced (between work-for-hire) production!
- A crazy art direction would allow us to experience many funny styles at no cost!
- We did not find any game like ours in the App Store, so we had a kind of “blue ocean” strategy!
- This would qualify for a PREMIUM title! No F2P – because premium is all about “perceived value” (here we have 30 minigames) and “I don’t already have this app on my device” thinking (we hope so!).

Following All Great Advice Seen in Postmortems

We were very excited about the project. We made a huge document with 35 minigame ideas, came up with “Oh My GlobZ” as a working title, developed a prototype (Candy Match), and filed an application to a French state office (CNC), who agreed to give us some money at the end of 2012 to help develop the game. At the time local multiplayer was nowhere in any radar.

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