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Those of you who grew up with the original will struggle at first, as the alt key no longer triggers sidestepping – you use the A and D keys instead, and turn with the arrows. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Also comes with Hexen and Heretic, the swords-and-sorcery (and blood and guts) follow-ups that used the same engine., although its controls are a colossal pain in the etc.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a boring name. But The Space Game is a marvellous little strategy game.

Mine asteroids in deep space while fending off pirate attacks – simple. But the balancing acts between power, defence and mining, and the juggling of resources, makes it engrossing, and powerfully addictive. Don’t start playing at work.

In this sweet, innovative puzzle game, you have to push a crudely drawn ball to collect flags. To do it, you draw your own objects, which fall under gravity and push the ball around. It sounds strange – and it is – but it’s remarkably intuitive.

A frantic ninja leap-em-up in which your tiny little stick figure man hurls his way between various platforms before – in our experience – falling rapidly to his inevitable death. It’s engrossing, but it’s tricky. Very, very tricky.

There are hundreds of “tower defence” strategy games on the internet, but this is among the most popular. The concept is the usual: build gun turrets to defend your base against swarms of invading enemies.

More unusually, the battle seems to be taking place on top of someone’s desk. Shades of Micro Machines, there.

It’s Tetris. Do we need to paint you a picture? Bricks fall down, you rotate them to fit, you make lines, the lines disappear. Russian music plays in the background. It’s Tetris. You know Tetris.

If Football Manager is the game most frequently cited in divorce proceedings, Stick Cricket is probably the game most frequently cited on P45s (or pink slips, if you’re American. Is there a Stick Baseball?).

It’s all about timing and reactions, which is why the author of this piece is so monumentally bad at it.

Gamers of a certain age will remember the splendid Puzzle Bobble arcade machines. This Flash take on it will have the same nostalgic effect on those people as an episode of Round The Twist, or a Wham bar.

It’s a bit like an upside-down Tetris. Fire the bubbles up to match three or more of a colour and watch them disappear.

Buying houses and selling them at a profit might not sound like a game – if anything, it sounds like the lifestyle of the sort of coin-eyed guffawing Toby you try to avoid at parties – but it works surprisingly well.

Click on ‘em while they’re cheap, watch the price shoot up, and when you think it’s peaked, sell it on. You start with £100, 000 and your goal is to buy the £10 million mansion at the right end of town. Get yourself on the property ladder at last.

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