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Devil May Cry online Flash game

Devil May Cry is a strange hybrid, its  DNA spliced from strains of Resident Evil and Onimusha, its star player born of an unholy union between western and eastern lead character traits as much as between the human and devil worlds. As should be expected from the cosplay-rockstar persona of its producer, Shinji Mikami, it swaggered into the thirdperson action genre with a singular style that’s proved largely indelible over the past six years of cover versions.

It owes some of that lasting charm to a concept of cool so askew as to be on an entirely different orbit from the time – or, indeed, any time outside of the late ’80s. Poster-boy Dante puts both the ‘bad’ and the ‘ass’ back into badass, a high-school-jock-does-cabaret-act with one-liners that by rights should sap his life bar, a penchant for being messily impaled, and a femme fatale who can’t quite reconcile her intended ice-queen chic with being named Trish. For DMC’s entire running time you’ll never be quite sure if the developers are earnestly serious – although the voice cast certainly, cringingly, is – or deadpanning a private joke that the series only shared with the player by its third instalment.

But if its style is B-movie, its substance is decidedly S-rank, focusing the punch and poise of Capcom’s arcade heritage in a kinetic, hugely satisfying martial rush. Understanding that any arcade title worth its coin has to offer two distinct play styles – to be played functionally, or to be played while looking good – DMC ups the ante by allowing its players to look damn good, and immediately so. What would become Dante’s signature move, an underarm sword-swipe launching an enemy to be held aloft on an updraft of muzzle flash, is as accessible as it is attention-grabbing. Even before extra weapons are acquired and move-lists hopscotched, every encounter has the potential to unfold with the kind of violent choreography previously left to FMV sequences.

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