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They hash the score with a secret key or "Salt". It look safe to many by protecting the data transmission. But they did not protect the Flash itself. It can be easily decompiled to extract the key (shown below) or change the code. Flash code should be obfuscated so that decompiling could not be easily done.

Below is the example of the unsecured Flash game that i came across recently. I had inform their administrator about the possible hacking on their game but they never reply to find out more. So i decided to share some of my finding and show how easy it can be reverse engineered.

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What kind of games do your kids play? fancy 3D stuff (call of duty 4, bioshock, etc) or online flash games?
for general internet surfing and online kids' games, get something affordable that has:
- any Intel Core 2 Duo processor
- Windows XP Home
- 1GB RAM or more, DDR2-667 or DDR2-800
- DVD burner drive or combo drive
- 250GB and up hard drive, SATA II
- 128 or 256 MB video card, like the GeForce 8300-8600
check out the Dell Inspiron series

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