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SplitterThere’s something about physics games that’s innately fun. Whether you’re demolishing castles, balancing blocks or trying to build a really tall tower – you end up feeling like a kid (in a good way) and having a blast. So next time you need a distraction or a break, try one of these 9 awesome physics games.

In Splitter you have to get the smiley ball to the brown hole through levels of increasing difficulty. Fortunately, you’re equipped with an incredibly sharp knife that can slice and dice almost anything creating interesting chain reactions.

Unfortunately, your goal in Totem Destroyer isn’t actually to destroy the totems, that would be too easy.Totem Destroyer 2 Instead, you need to get them to land on the dark block by removing all other blocks carefully without letting the totem fall on the ground.

You don’t want to let your box slack off. Fortunately, there are countless hilarious ways to wake it up.

Green is good, red is not. Try to get as many green blocks off the screen, while keeping the red ones in. Finish challenges to unlock new abilities.

What seems like a simple concept turns out to be incredibly fun. Stack all the pieces without any of them falling off the screen and you will be rewarded with the smiling faces of various geometrical shapes.

Wake Up the Box

As the name implies, you have to get rid of all the red pieces. Each piece has its own gravity direction and is pulled towards the direction which it faces. What the game lacks in graphical polish it makes up for in level design.

This polished game makes the simple task of getting each civiball to its matching pot both challenging and fun. Cut the chains in the right order to get the job done – gets increasingly complex.

Brick Yard 2 combines Tetris like mechanics with the physics of building a stable tower. Your goal isn’t to clear lines, but to build the tallest tower possible without it toppling. As you progress different things start getting in your way from flying bricks to snowballls.

If you ever wanted to become an auto engineer this is the game for you. Build your vehicle (contraption) using bars and wheels to get the pink ball to the goal area.

Blosics 2 Super Stacker 2 Red Remover Civiballs 2

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What kind of games do your kids play? fancy 3D stuff (call of duty 4, bioshock, etc) or online flash games?
for general internet surfing and online kids' games, get something affordable that has:
- any Intel Core 2 Duo processor
- Windows XP Home
- 1GB RAM or more, DDR2-667 or DDR2-800
- DVD burner drive or combo drive
- 250GB and up hard drive, SATA II
- 128 or 256 MB video card, like the GeForce 8300-8600
check out the Dell Inspiron series

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Pupil's BAFTA bid pride  — Blackpool Gazette
James's 'Soot and Smog' game sees the player roam around Victorian London aiming to raise funds to help their sick sister by completing various challenges, while different facts about that era of history flash up on the screen.

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