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The world of zOMG.

The story

zOMG takes place on modern-day earth following a cataclysmic event. Scott Kinzie, vice president of creative and user experience for Gaia Online explains, "There was a rupture in the life force of the planet, and things that are normally not alive have come to life." The Animated are previously inanimate objects that have become possessed characters. The player is dropped into this strange world and must learn to defend the things he or she loves. The Animated start out antagonistic. Can they change? You'll have to play the game to find out.

In zOMG, players use the mouse and keyboard to guide their customizable character, exploring countless environments, collecting items, and battling enemies.

The appeal

By design, the game feels like a typical MMO game, but it is actually quite different. New players find the formula approachable but are happily surprised at the uniqueness of the game. zOMG is heavily social — rewarding crews of collaborating players and rewarding players for just hanging out and chatting.

The target audience of zOMG is 40% male and 60% female and has an age range of 14–24. The game is carefully crafted to appeal to both sexes. For instance, the Gaia Online team sees that females are not necessarily turned off to combat as long as there is substantial context and story to warrant the conflict. zOMG also features several mini games that earn users progress without combat.

The game's retention has been great. Over the past 10 months, the total number of active players has held steady. The team attributes this in part to a grindless experience. While many MMO games require boring repetitive tasks, zOMG does not. It offers a sandbox style of play that rewards innovation and creative thinking. This keeps players progressing on an even curve — thus maintaining interest.

The business model

Gaia Online created zOMG to be free to play to attract the largest audience. Optionally, players may choose to trade real-world money for time, shortcutting the process of building their character and progressing through the game. With micro transactions, players can improve their experience dramatically. For example, they can buy power-ups for about one penny per use.

Why Adobe Flash Player?

The development environments for video game production vary. Games targeting personal computers are traditionally created using C++ and deployed for desktop development on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. As Flash Player matured through version 6 (multiplayer socket connections), version 8 (runtime rasterization of graphics), and version 9 (blazing fast ActionScript 3 execution), it became a capable platform for high-quality gaming.

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