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flash flappy birdAll smartphone users can now play Flappy Bird online for free without the need of downloading the app.

Flappy Bird has been removed from both, Apple and Android app stores by the owner as he believes the game is too addictive and causing users to be frustrated. Users who have already downloaded the game can continue to play the game on their smartphone.

Multiple websites have emerged when Flappy bird was taken off the app stores, various websites were setup with the original flappy bird app name, such as These websites allow users to play the game on their smartphone fro free.

However, the gaming experience maybe a bit disappointing on some sights, but the closest game similar to Flappy Birds which you can play online is from an online gaming site Kongregate, check out Flash Flappy Bird.

On a serious note, a number of malware infested fake flappy birds apps appeared on the Android app stores in Vietnam and Russia. However, no signs of any malware Flappy Bird app game appears to be on the UK Google Play Store.

Over the last few days, smartphone users with Flappy Birds game installed in a iPhone 5, 16GB managed to get bids as high as U$94, 100.00 overnight, but the listing has removed and we are not sure if it did get sold or if eBay removed the item.

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