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The Torture Game 2.5 - 3537884 plays

Dangerous Maze 2 The Torture Game 2.5

Slightly improved version of the torture game with more weapons. In v2.5 you can click customize on the bottom to upload an image as face!

Controls: Mouse
Total plays: 3537884
Author: Arcade Cabin
Similar games: The Torture Game 2.0, Chainsaw Games

A sidescrolling shooter with zombies. Shoot your way out with different weapons and a small team to protect you if you're lucky.

A simple maze-game that you control with the mouse, works very well. Go through a opening and closing maze, pretty hard ;)

A stickman fighter like so many, ultimate chaos! Enjoy the simple but addictive gameplay.

Bad special fx like blood but a nice gameplay make this game worth playing, advanced fightergame.

Light as much people on fire and watch out for the rain. Too bad its such a small game, cause it could ve been more fun.

One Man's Doomsday Stick Trinity Light People on Fire Drones

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  • Card-slamming game challenges you to build piles of cards from 1 to 5 ? but if someone else slams a 5 on top, you lose your cards!
  • Includes 170 cards, 5 reminder cards and instructions. For 2 to 5 players.

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