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For sale: The devices, disguised as torches, were available on eBay - which MPs described as 'extremely concerning'For sale: The devices, disguised as torches, were available on eBay - which MPs described as 'extremely concerning'

Last night politicians accused eBay of fuelling an alarming new threat on Britain’s streets and of ‘sacrificing public safety in the name of recklessly making profits’.

The auction website claims it bans the sale of illegal weapons, but The Mail on Sunday was able to buy three illegal stun guns and two pepper sprays within minutes. The packages, bought for as little as £9, arrived days later from Poland, Lithuania, Italy, and America.

Danger: The MoS was also able to buy pepper spray from a vendor based in UtahThe stun guns were advertised on the site as ‘Flashlight with electric ring flash’ to get round eBay safeguards that prohibit the use of the terms ‘stun gun’ and ‘Taser’. A reporter handed the weapons to the Metropolitan Police at the London office of The Mail on Sunday.

Officers said the force’s firearms unit, SCO19, would launch an investigation into the eBay stun guns, and its 31, 000 officers would be briefed about their danger.

After this newspaper alerted eBay, the auction site removed the listings from its website. However, just hours later dozens more were back on sale.

Illegal: This stun gun, bought on eBay by the Mail on Sunday, was advertised as a torch to get round the website's safeguardsTory MP Michael Ellis, a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, last night called on the website to review its procedures. He said: ‘It is extremely concerning that eBay is sacrificing public safety by not banning these illegal weapons in the name of recklessly making profits.

Danger: The MoS was also able to buy pepper spray from a vendor based in Utah

‘They are extremely dangerous and, if they fall into the wrong hands, it will be extremely worrying. It’s all very well eBay saying it removes the items as soon as it finds them, but it is not enough and the company should have more people trawling the site looking for weapons. It’s basic common sense.’

According to the eBay listings, the stun guns are capable of discharging ten milliamps – five times the amount of controversial Tasers used by police.

Ebay retailer Jaroslaw Jagielski, 52, sold us a stun gun online for £19. When approached by a journalist at his home in Zary, Poland, he said he had sold 150 worldwide, with at least ten of them in the UK.

He said he had ‘no idea’ that the stun guns were illegal in Britain.

‘I am just a businessman, ’ Mr Jagielski said. ‘How should I know what the politicians don’t like in England?’

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