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ClevelandAquaticsTeam_logoShouldn’t your team consider following the lead of the Cleveland Aquatic Team and get your own online store up and running so your teammates can also take advantage of the quality Nike merchandise at 30% discounted prices?

Kristina Valentic, the Co-Captain of the Cleveland Aquatic Team noted that her team’s store “was up and running online fairly quickly from first registering to the store going live with the finished designs and apparel to chose from. The representative from LIDS and the designer were easy to work with and incorporated the ideas and designs Cleveland Aquatic Team ‎wanted on our new team apparel.”

GGUP logo_textKristina wants everyone to know that the Cleveland Aquatic Team is a U.S. Masters swim team. She said, “we are getting ready and training hard (in and out of the water) for Gay Games 9! ‎The team is excited for the event and can’t wait to be a part of this great experience. ‎The team went with the program because we wanted to help support the Gay Games and our home town of Cleveland. Plus, the team decided to go with Nike because of their quality.”

You should note that the Cleveland Aquatic Team has chosen to feature the logos of its major sponsors on the back of its shirts. They also will feature the names of the individual team members on the backs of the hoody sweatshirts. Your team can do this as well, if you like.

To learn more about the Gay Games Uniform Program and to start the process to get YOUR online store up and running, vist the special .

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The site is done in Flash... so you can't just right click, save as like you normally would.
you have to do a screen capture (Alt + PrtScrn), paste that result into Paint (or whatever program), crop it out, save it...
from wiki:
Pressing the Print Screen key captures a screenshot of the entire desktop area, and places it in the clipboard. Pressing the combination of Alt-Print Screen captures only the current active window. Screenshots captured this way do not include the mouse pointer. By default, Windows does not save the screenshot to an image file; the user is required to paste the image into a separate imaging program (such as Microsoft Paint which is built-in) for saving

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Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete [Download]
Digital Video Games (Rockstar Games)
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