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Ryan Henson CreightonNo – seriously. Why don’t you?

One of the most-repeated tips i heard at the Casual Connect conference a few weeks ago was to develop a strong brand. Customers like strong brands. Strong branding unifies all your … your stuff under one label. Strong brands are about striking, professional-looking logos, consistent use of colours and fonts, and maybe even some sort of manifesto or feeling that you emit.

Our over-arching brand is called Untold Entertainment. The word “untold” means “lots”. Lots of entertainment.

Comic book adsOur Brand’s Origin Story

It bothers me a little when i go to a conference or a function, and i’ll meet a few new people in a huddle, and someone will say “who are you?” And i’ll say “i’m Ryan Creighton. i run a small game design studio in Toronto called Untold Entertainment.” And the person will say “?Untold Entertainment Original Site What type of work do you do?” And this jackass over here – the one in the sweater vest – will say “It’s untold! He can’t tell you! RAH HA HA HA!” Then he’ll slap his knee and go out and kill someone while drunk driving.

But it doesn’t happen all that often. Most people know what the word means. And most people have heard someone use the wording “untold entertainment” in casual speech, usually to describe something outlandish. Example: “So i was at the fair today, and they had a duck balancing on a ball juggling chainsaws. Untold entertainment.”

Untold Entertainment Second SiteIn fact – and i’m not kidding – our original company logo was a duck balancing on a ball juggling chainsaws.

For serious.

This was my Facebook avatar at the time (and still is, actually):

This pic of me was taken 20 years before i was born

i’m not a big comic book fan, but i had this idea of creating a corporate website that looked like one of those junk pages in a comic book, full of special offers for useless and exaggerated products like “moon shoes”, “secret decoder rings”, and “asthma inhalers”:

Mom! I’m gonna need seven dollars!

This is as far as i got before my friends and loved ones (thankfully) stopped me:

Needs more eyeball-piercing yellow!!

Comic book ads Untold Entertainment Invoice We have ways of making you meow Big Fish Games logo

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The site is done in Flash... so you can't just right click, save as like you normally would.
you have to do a screen capture (Alt + PrtScrn), paste that result into Paint (or whatever program), crop it out, save it...
from wiki:
Pressing the Print Screen key captures a screenshot of the entire desktop area, and places it in the clipboard. Pressing the combination of Alt-Print Screen captures only the current active window. Screenshots captured this way do not include the mouse pointer. By default, Windows does not save the screenshot to an image file; the user is required to paste the image into a separate imaging program (such as Microsoft Paint which is built-in) for saving

ThinkGeek Portal Turret LED Flashlight with Sound by Think Geek
Toy (ThinkGeek)
  • Standing a sturdy 3 1/2-inches tall, the Portal Turret LED Flash Light with Sound makes for classy home decor. While it doesn t include working dual machine guns...
  • Just remember to treat your light with care because it s special. The Turret speaks phrases taken from the games, which include: Are you still there?
  • Preparing to dispense product.I don t hate you.
  • Target acquired.Goodbye. Bring a bit of Aperture Science home with the Portal Turret LED Flash Light!
  • Ages 14 and up.

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