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An RPG, or Role Playing Game, is often loosely-defined to describe games where you play as a character who can level-up or collect items to improve as you play. What will make our game an RPG? I plan to give our character EXP (experience points) when we kill enemies, and level up when we collect enough EXP. Depending on how long this tutorial series goes, I might also include power-up items and equipment, and perhaps a currency system.


Shooter games are extremely popular. There is something inherently fun about aiming projectiles at enemies running around your screen. While “shooter” is a pretty broad category, including genres like the First Person Shooter, ours will be restricted to the top-down genre.top down rpg shooter flash as3 game robokill We will move the player around the screen with the arrow keys, and use the mouse to aim and fire projectiles.

Alright, I’m excited, and you should be too! Let’s get started!

I’m using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to build this project. You can use any version of Flash Professional to make this. (You can also try building it with a free tool like FlashDevelop, but you’ll have to make some adjustments when I use the stage, timeline, and Movie Clips.)

Start by Creating a New Project, making sure to select AS3 as the programming language. Adjust the size of the stage to be 640px wide by 480px tall, and set your FPS to 60.

Create the Player

convert player to movie clip optionsStart by drawing a main character for your game. Remember that we are using a top-down perspective. I made mine a 40×40 pixel circle, with a little personality.

Now convert your player to a Movie Clip Symbol, named Player (select all, then Modify –> Convert to Symbol). Make sure to center your Player using the little centered dot on the “Registration” option. In addition, in the Advanced options, check the box to “Export for ActionScript“, and give it the class: “Player“. Your options should look something like this:

Awesome! Your player should be all set now. You can remove it from your stage for now. We’ll add it again using code in the Main class.

top down shooter main character player top down rpg shooter game pokemon map

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